CIVITECTURE/civ·i·tec·ture /si-və-tek(t)-SHər/ noun 1: the art or practice or designing places. 2: the carefully designed fabric or structure of a place. from Civi- (community / citizenship) + -tecture (fabric/fabrication)

Civitecture is about place making. It’s meaning is parallel to that of “Architecture.” While architecture is oriented toward the skillful design and construction of structures, Civitecture is one step up in scope and scale: the skillful planning and design of places.

What makes a place a Place? For us, it comes down to synergy. Where the value of the whole exceeds the sum of the value of the individual parts; where buildings, open space, and infrastructure work together to create lasting value for a community… that is Civitecture.

At the core of the Civitecture Studio process is feedback. We not only provide our clients with visual feedback as the design evolves, but also environmental and financial performance analytics. We arrive at design solutions through an incremental, multi-dimensional, performance-oriented process.

David Witham is the creative and technical force behind Civitecture Studio PLLC. He is both a licensed architect and certified urban planner. David’s portfolio of experience has a particular emphasis in mixed-use, multi-family, urban-infill project types located in complex urban environments across the United States, including industrial waterfronts, rail yard redevelopment, urban college campuses, and neighborhood redevelopment plans.

David employs a unique set of design tools and processes that allow his clients to work in close collaboration with the design as it evolves. He excels at integrating and balancing a wide variety of design
constraints, considerations, and feedback into innovative and effective design solutions.

04/2016 to Present
Owner/Design Principal
Civitecture Studio PLLC
- Bismarck, ND
In April 2016 David founded Civitecture Studio PLLC. At this time, David is the sole proprietor of Civitecture Studio.

06/2015 to Present
Urban Designer
Ubl Design Group
- Bismarck, ND
Provides urban design support to Ubl Design Group on a project specific basis.

08/2007 to 07/2014
Urban Designer/Architect
- Philadelphia, PA
Developed design concepts in collaboration with clients, consultants and colleagues. Produced representational renderings, plans, elevations and sections. Authored form-based codes, design recommendations and development guidelines.

08/2005 to 08/2007
Intern Architect
Cuningham Group Architecture
- Minneapolis , MN
Performed a wide variety of tasks as an architect-in-training including conceptual and schematic design and representation, design development of building systems, assembly of construction documents, and construction administration.

Let’s build stronger more beautiful communities together

We work with public institutions, private business ventures and engaged citizens to imagine and build places of quality and lasting value.

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At Civitecture Studio, our focus is on pre-development design services. We facilitate collaboration between stakeholders in development projects: public institutions, private businesses and community leaders. We Define, Design, Document, and Deliver development masterplans. We weave these services together in a process rich with opportunities for feedback, discovery and incremental improvement.

To begin, we map out an understanding of the design problem. We ask “What does success look like?” This involves gathering, absorbing and sharing information; asking questions, listening, learning, conversing; keeping records and ultimately defining a set of priorities for the project.

Having established a set of performance criteria, we begin to explore possible design outcomes. In this phase, we focus on choices rather than solutions, the give and take of different design opportunities. We think broadly about possible outcomes and identify a series of design choices that best elevate the project’s established priorities.

With a conceptual framework in place, we hone in on a design solution, and begin to trade flexibility for precision, broad-thinking for deep-thinking. Adding a higher degree of detail and precision to the design, we verify the design concept satisfies all the requirements of the program. Visualization, performance analysis, and technical documentation are the outcomes of this step.

In the final phase of work we become an advocate for the development concept as it advances through the entitlement process. On behalf of the project, we speak to neighbors, community leaders, investors, bankers, design review committees, public officials or any other person or organization involved in or impacted by the development proposal.


Place-oriented endeavors often involve the coordination of public infrastructure, private investment, and community buy-in. Whether you are in the public or private sector, Civitecture Studio can help you build consensus around a place-oriented design and wealth-building development strategies.

We help our public sector clients….

Develop Land Use Policies

Engage Community Members

Imagine Development Scenarios

Attract Development Interest

Evaluate Development Proposals

Manage Design Outcomes

We help our private sector clients….

Identify Opportunities and Constraints

Estimate Site Capacity

Establish a Development Program

Evaluate Development Feasibility

Coordinate with Development Partners

Explore Design Alternatives

Analyze Design Outcomes

Attract Investment

Acquire Necessary Approvals


Work with Civitecture

We work with Institutions of the community and private business ventures to imagine and build places.

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